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    precast 04AQP Box Culverts are used as a structure that allows water to flow under a road, railroad, trail and various other applications as required. Box Culverts are called for frequently on Sub divisional and infrastructure projects.
    Box Culverts form a bridge-like structure that will carry traffic etc above, while managing pre determined water flow rates below.
    AQP Box Culverts come in many sizes ranging from 450mm span to 4200mm span and come in standard lengths of 1220mm half units or 2440mm full units.
    AQP Box Culverts are manufactured to Australian Standards AS1597


    australian quality precast splayed culvertAQP Splayed box culverts can be made as requested to meet the desired drainage layout that the Site/Project requires.

    australian quality precast link slabsAQP link slabs can be utilized when you have a multiple culvert run. The link slab joins the box culverts together allowing you to get away from multiple full box culvert units. Hence saving you, the client, money.


    australian quality precast base slabsAQP Base slabs can be used in conjunction with our box culverts.



    australian quality precast asproAQP Aspros come standard in 1050, 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2100 diameter with a 600mm opening. Custom openings on request.  Thickness will vary pending the aspro size.
    AQP aspros are manufactured to meet Council and IPWEAQ standards.

     australian quality precast noise panel-01Precast concrete Noise Panels are used to protect neighborhoods along highways from constant traffic noise as well as an aesthetic application. Noise panels can come in various finishes ranging from a plain to architectural.

    Panels are manufactured in accordance to main roads specification MRTS72/MRTS15.

    australian quality precast bridge parapets bannerPrecast Bridge Parapets are used as a safety and aesthetic structure they can also act as noise barrier.

    AQP Custom Box Culverts can be made with penetrations and various blackouts to suit your desired drainage application.